sábado, 18 de julio de 2015

Nervous girls


                          "I'm that girl, you think, that's got it figured out.
                             But I walk around, with a head full of doubt.
                     The cruelest words about me, come from my own mouth.
             I'm that girl, who wants what I ain't got who looks in the mirror, 

                                          and sees all that I'm not."
Nervous girls, Lucy Hale

The other day, while listening to this song, I started thinking about the lyrics. And you would think that everyone and almost everytime that we listen to a song, we pay attention to what the singer wants to say, but we don't. This song it's about loving yourself. 
Everyday, so many people in this world (not only girls) feel insecures about themselves. I'm not saying that everybody does, but everyone feels bad or finds imperfections on them, where anyone else does. I'm going to give you an example, a friend of mine is always saying that she doesn't like her nose, when we all find that she has a beautiful nose. That it's the kind of insecurity that doesn't really matter, but all of them count and then one day, we'll all end up thinking that we're not beautiful.
Another person that I know didn't eat w at she had to, because she felt insecure with her body. That's a really bad insecurity.Everyone is beautiful on his/her own way. We have nothing to envy, we are all we need. 
I think that we all feel insecures with our body, but that's why we have to learn to love ourselves. Don't let you, or anyone else bring you down.

 We were born this way, and if you don't love yourself, who will?

Love, B.

lunes, 6 de julio de 2015


"Fresh cut grass, one cold beer.
Thank the Lord I am here and now,
here and now.
Summer dress, favorite park,
bless your soul, we are here and now,
here and now"

Después de meses sin escribir, hoy he decidido sentarme frente al ordenador y contar algo. Aunque quizá nadie lo lea, o quizá si. Hoy quiero escribir sobre el verano.
El verano ha vuelto a llegar, lleno de calidez y, a veces frescura, lleno de alegría y locura. Cuando los días empiezan a hacerse más largos, indirectamente e instantáneamente empiezo a ponerme contenta y con ganas de no estar en casa ni un segundo. El verano es sobretodo para recargar las pilas para el resto del año y para vivir aventuras, y eso es lo que me he propuesto este año. No rechazar ningún plan, por mucho que no me apetezca ir, porque después siempre acabas divirtiéndote. No dejar de hacer cosas: leer, explorar, bañarse en el mar, hablar hasta tarde con tus amigos, salir a dar un paseo nocturno... son las cosas que nos mantienen activos y vivos. Los pequeños momentos del verano.

After months without writing, today I've decided to sit in front of the computer and write about my favourite season of the year: Summer. Summer is that season of the year when you feel free and happy without an actual reason for it. And it has already begun. This summer I've made a decision: I'm going to live every experience that I have the chance to take. Swimming in the ocean, reading, exploring, traveling... Every plan is totally worth it. Live!